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Trump once described himself as "very pro-choice," but now opposes abortion rights. "This election was not about taking away women's opportunity to get basic, lifesaving health care," said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., at a Capitol Hill news conference. Cutting off Planned Parenthood from taxpayer money is a long-sought dream of social conservatives, but it's a loser in the minds of some GOP strategists. Planned Parenthood is loathed by anti-abortion activists who are the backbone of the GOP coalition. Polls, however, show that the group is favorably viewed by a sizable majority of Americans 59 percent in

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a Gallup survey last year, including more than one-third of Republicans. The defunding effort could also complicate Obamacare repeal in the Senate, where at least one GOP member Susan Collins of Maine cited the defunding language in opposing the repeal effort in late 2015. Last year's elections thinned Republican ranks in the Senate to 52, so only a handful of GOP defections are possible if the repeal measure is going to pass. Asked Wednesday about party efforts to tie the effort to defund Planned Parenthood to Obamacare repeal, Collins said, "that's of concern to me as well, but I don't want to prejudge what's in the ... bill." Conservatives won a close 2015 vote in the Senate on the issue but last year's election results appear to have narrowed the margin. And Sen.

A transgender California prison inmate who was born male but identifies as female underwent gender-reassignment surgery paid for by the state this week in what is believed

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to be the first such case in the United States, her attorneys said Friday. The state had promised to refer inmate Shiloh Quine, then 56, to a surgeon and pay for the procedure as part of a 2015 settlement making the state the first in the United States to offer inmates a regular path to such treatment. Quine, who is serving a term of life without the possibility of parole after convictions in 1981 for murder, kidnapping and robbery, had the surgery on Thursday, said Jill Marcellus, a spokeswoman for the Transgender Law Center, which negotiated the settlement. Under its terms, the state agreed to allow inmates who are transgender or have gender dysphoria access to clothing, toiletries and other items consistent with their gender identities. For those like Shiloh whose doctors agree that surgery is medically appropriate, the state will pay for the procedure. The cost was not specified. Transgender Law Center Executive Director Kris Hayashi said that by providing Quine's surgery, the state was setting an example that would help others obtain needed care. "For too long, institutions have ignored doctors and casually dismissed medically necessary and life-saving care for transgender people just because of who we are with devastating consequences for our community," said Hayashi. Under guidelines adopted in 2015 after the state's settlement with Quine, prisoners seeking to change their biological sex would need to be evaluated by medical and mental health professionals, and present their cases to a six-member committee of doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Committee members would vote on whether the surgery was warranted, and a

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committee chair who is a medical administrator in the prison system would hold a tie-breaking vote. They would also have to live for a year in their preferred gender roles and undergo hormone therapy.

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